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Your job

is to transport goods across the globe.

Ours is to innovate with data solutions

to reduce your fuel usage.

Your job
is to transport goods across the globe.

We innovate
with data solutions to reduce your fuel usage.

Aim for SMART


Embracing the era of Big Data, Apps and Artificial Intelligence does not mean replacing or setting aside an industry’s vast know-how, but rather helping it successfully manage a whole new set of challenges, expectations and – crucially – regulations. At Smart’N’Go, we use technology to make the impact of maritime transport substantially better – environmentally, economically and socially. We are wholly committed with all of our solutions to client-centered smart innovation that add value to your business in a global context of ever-evolving digitization and ongoing environmental efforts.

The future of maritime transport is in digitization and advent of digital sisterships.

Mehdi Halitim, CEO

Manta: the routing solution for maritime transport


Integrating the very latest in algorithm mathematics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Manta optimizes routes for maritime transport to generate savings in fuel spends.

Preview in a few clicks your routes and fuel spends.


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Our core values


Be innovating

We use cutting-edge research, notably via partnerships with public research organisations (INRIA, CNES, etc)


Develop robust solutions

Our solutions share the same qualities of maritime transport: stability and reliability.

Have a positive impact on the environment

The natural environment is at the very heart of our solution that aim to reduce the volume of harmful atmospheric emissions.

ship captain

Are you a captain? We value your input in the development of Smart’N’Go solutions.


By sharing your insights and challenges and testing our solutions, you can contribute to the development of the smartest and most useful products, that closely match what actually happens at sea.

Are you a student looking for a dissertation subject or an end-of-studies internship?


If your studies concerned Maritime Transport, Naval Architecture, Computer Sciences, IT Development, Project Development, Marketing & PR, or International Trade, and you are passionate about innovation and keen to progress, we want to hear from you.

At Smart’N’Go, you will get an exceptional work experience at the heart of a high-tech start-up.

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